Help us advance this ministries to fulfill the great commission to Create Disciples.

Welcome to the donation page for Create Disciples Inc., the non-profit organization that runs the impactful ministry, Bible Study Together. At Create Disciples, our mission is to equip believers with the tools and resources they need to deepen their relationship with God and build up the body of Christ.

Bible Study Together, our flagship ministry, is a vibrant platform that empowers families, groups, and churches to read the Bible and pray in community. Through our printed resources and powerful app we are bring people together in Christian fellowship. Our goal is to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds plug into their local community and grow in their relationship with God.

By donating to Create Disciples Inc., you can make a significant impact on Christian communities around the globe. Your contribution will go towards maintaining the Bible Study Together platform and our innovative Bible study materials. We turn your dollars into people daily reading the Bible and praying with others! With your generous support, we can continue to ignite a passion for God’s Word, encouraging believers to live out their faith as they grow connected with God and His people.

To learn more about Bible Study Together and the various initiatives undertaken by Create Disciples Inc., please visit and this site. Thank you for partnering with us in this transformative journey of spreading the love of Christ through the study of the Scriptures. Together, we can create disciples and make a lasting difference in the lives of countless people around the world.

Peter Schrock