The true story of a woman overcoming depression, cutting, anorexia, and bulimia while walking with Jesus. If you or a loved one is looking for a Christian book about overcoming dark depression or an eating disorder then get this book today!

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About The Book

The dark pit.

Black. No light. No hope.

Have you been there–in a dark place not knowing if or when your soul will emerge again? Are you or a loved one there right now?

Through personal testimony and raw vulnerability, Melissa shares her experience of being trapped in a dark pit. Held captive by depression and an eating disorder, her mind was locked by lies that were suffocating any life she had left.

Despite the dark, she was never alone. Melissa’s story takes you through a light-by-light climb as God shined Sonlight into her dark circumstances.

Discover how release and freedom are possible through the light and transformation Jesus Christ extends to all who are struggling in darkness. Come, join the journey and experience the light-by-light illumination that brings release into a life with abundant hope.

A gripping story that reveals the light that illuminated her out of darkness. Each little light gives hope and direction to inspire us to see and walk in the same light that transforms our lives.

What’s inside



Depression Ends



Darkness Driven Away


Eating Disorder

Healing and Direction



A Way Out



Insight and Hope



Released From Chains

Book Intro

Dark. Deep, dark pit. Cold. Black.
Trapped. No light. No hope.
The closest thing to Hell she had ever felt.
Alone. Helpless. No strength. No life.

In a growing rural town sat a small five-tenant, brick apartment building in the center of the town’s quiet streets. Inside, a twenty-year-old woman in the height of her young life was immersed in the depths of darkness. Stuck in a suffocatingly dark pit. Despair. Life had been sucked out. All life and hope held as dirt trapped in the cylinders of a vacuum cleaner. The bedroom walls were sterile and bare. Blood stains streaked across the pillow. Knives caked with dried blood were tucked in hiding under the plain, neatly made bed. On the floor the young body lay. Squeaking with her last bits of energy, calling to the God she knew was there but never felt near. “Help, Jesus. Help.”

That young woman was me. I lived in that dark place for many years. Somehow in the midst of that place there was a God listening to my weak cries. A God tenderly working out my redemption story that led to release. Release from the dark pit of despair, one flicker of hope, one small ray of Sonshine at a time into freedom through the Son, Jesus.

Will you step into this journey with me? Will you walk close to the darkness in order to see the release into freedom? Will you experience the power outside of the darkness? This is not a pretty picture of instantaneous release (though I do believe that does happen for some). This is a slow climb. A battle for release. Crying for help from the Almighty. It was excruciating. The hearts of those that loved me along the way ached. It was ugly. However, God was painting a beautiful picture I could not yet see.

These pages are filled with “Aha!” moments. The moments where God’s radiant light shined into my dark, depressed soul. Small sparks, twinkles, flashes, and rays in the form of moments of hope, moments of healing, moments of slow release. In order to see the joy of the light and release, I will also share the dark ones. Temptation, addiction, and depression are not a lighthearted game but a battle, an all-out war. What is this war? It is for our souls. There is a fallen angel who relentlessly pursues God’s people. Battles are happening. Some parts we can see while the rest remains hidden to our human eyes. Yet, there is a God willing to fight in every battle if only we ask Him.



Fast paced and to the point, Released will keep you reading till you finish. Then you will pick it back up to read again. Melissa’s raw story testifies to the power of God to cut through the darkness and shine a way to freedom. Each short chapter highlights a small truth that God used to bring her to freedom. These simple truths will shine into your darkness and help you see the light too.

RELEASED speaks of the raw, unedited struggle of a young woman facing depression and a crippling eating disorder. Readers will sense both the darkness of the pit of addiction as well as the Sonshine which is powerful enough to illuminate, restore, and heal even the most wounded heart.

Shelli Oesch on Released.

Very inspiring!!!! Once I picked up this book, I couldn't set it down...the Author has such an amazing way of taking you on this journey with her, as she climbs from that pit of darkness and depression....and as she rises up into God's transforming rise right with her, filled with Hope and this Love, she talks enough to ravish ones soul!

Tasha McMinn on Released.

Released is a well-written, easy to read book which deeply shares one person's dark struggles. Capturing my attention and relating to many of the feelings I've had makes it relevant to all women and men. The truth of the Gospel is expressed clearly as Melissa writes of her own Christian experiences. I highly recommend this book!

Margie Schick on Released.

About the author.

Melissa grew up in a Christian home as the good Christian girl that didn’t rock the boat. She tried to conform to church traditions and to make everyone happy till her life crashed down. Her harrowing recovery from such a dark pit has inspired so many people and continues to do so in her book Released. Melissa diligently serves her family as a mother of four and shares regularly in her blog: God’s Goggles.

Have you been in a dark place not knowing if or when your soul will emerge again? Are you or a loved one there right now? Step into light… you might be encouraged!

Melissa Schrock

Light and Freedom are Near

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If you or a loved one is trapped in a dark place of depression or an eating disorder get this book to find the light needed to heal.  

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