More Bible Translations

Please be praying for us as we have begun the process of obtaining licensing for new Bible translations. Obtaining licensing will also open up many new opportunities with our app. If we can get officially licensing we may be able to provide offline reading, much deeper integration with maps linking to Bible text, more reading plans, easier sharing of Bible verses, and much more. Please pray that the Bible publishers would find favor with us and we could expand all our horizons going forward.

App Updates

Backup and Sync: Prayers and Reading Plan scheduled day can now be backed up to our cloud server and synchronized across devices. The sync feature will also allow people to start using the web app and if they want to later switch to the native mobile app they can transfer all their data when it is fully updated.

Partial Offline Support: Our web app now features partial offline support so you can now manage prayers and pray fully offline. Make sure you follow the instruction in the web app on how to install the app icon, but after you do so, you can launch the app without an internet connection and still be able to read the last couple of Bible days you viewed and can use all the prayer features.

Edit Group Profile: Group names and descriptions can now be changed and updated. If you are a group admin, then go to the Group Details page and either click the pencil icons by the group name/description or select Group Profile from the page’s menu.

Deleting Groups: The admin of the group can now delete a group they started. Before deleting a group all members must be removed from the group. If you do not see this option, you may need to either restart your app or restart your device.

Speed Improvements: Several speed improvements were made that get the app loading significantly faster for certain users. In particular, for those having problems when opening the reading plan browse days page.

Many Bug Fixes: Lots of bugs have been squished, if you find another bug please lets us know and we will do our best to get it fixed.

Android AND iOS Apps

Now that we are wrapping up the essential features in the new app we have begun the process of porting it over to the iOS and Android app stores. Please pray for us in that there are a few hurtles, but it looks like we should be able to port things fairly smoothly. With our new backup and sync features, you can start experience the new app now and easily transfer everything over to the native app version when we finish updating it.