This year is different from the last several years as most of our time and efforts have gone to building up the Bible Study Together app. We still have lots in store for the app this year, but our vision has broadened. We are looking to expand our reach by connecting with more churches and offering some new services.

The Bible Study Together App

Most of our effort over the last couple of years has focused on bringing new features to the app. However, this year we are planning on expanding the content on the app by introducing new reading plans. Over the last several years we have focused on helping people read the whole Bible. This year we want to help people take a deep dive into particular books of the Bible. We plan to make a series of studies going through the Paul’s writings and some of the New Testament authors. These will take about a month or less to do and will fill in another major niche of Bible studies for churches and small groups to use to study the Bible together.

Resources to Get Started

If you are a church or group and want to get started reading through the Bible, how do you get started? This is the question many face as they seek to inspire other to get on board and keep them engaged. We are working on a series of videos to help churches and groups show to their people to help get them excited about reading the Bible together. We are also working on promotional material that can be passed out or shown at an event our in a lobby. Also, we are putting together a guide of what we have learned over the years on how to get the most out of in person Bible study time and interacting with people using our app. We also plan to ramp up efforts to connect with churches and provide them with these tools to get their congregation reading the Bible together.

Christian Coaching

Later in the year we plan to start offering personal and marital Christian coaching to help our community of people get unstuck. Though listening to regular teaching is great and doing Bible studies is awesome, sometimes we need one-on-one help to understand what is holding us back. Christian coaching uses powerful questions and key insights to help people who feel stuck, to shift their hindering beliefs so that they can see the path to overcome their obstacles. Then, it provides motivation and supportive accountability to keep them pushing forward until they come to where they want to be. In addition, we plan to start hosting fund raiser events both in person and on the web. These events will be geared toward building health marriages and spiritual formation.

Consider Supporting This Work

Most of the support we receive comes when people make a donation while ordering printed materials from us. If you have been blessed by this work, please consider supporting what we are doing. As our ministry has grown so has our needs. We are crossing a threshold were more support will be needed to enable this work to go forward. You can learn about the history of Create Disciples Inc and make a donation by going here: Together we can make a difference in the world and we seek to create disciples!