Study the Bible in a Way that Makes Sense!

Only 10 Min a Day

Trying to read too much of the Bible each day keeps people from thinking about what they read and can cause many people to get behind their schedule.

Reading Tools

Our reading and study tools include a mobile web app, printed study guide, and printable study journal. Click a link to get started!


This new study interweaves the New and Old Testament together so that each day’s reading connects as much as possible.

Chronological Reading

Make sense of the Old Testament stories, psalms, and prophesies by reading them in the order which the occurred in history.

Bible Reading Plan and Study Tools

Bible Study Together is a revolutionary way to read and study the scriptures that is uniquely designed for everyone. We have created both digital and printed tools that are geared both for the young and old so that they can use our plan together in their own ways. Our powerful plan can take you through the entire Bible in less than 10 minutes a day. Unlike other reading plans that just force you straight through difficult sections of the Scriptures, our study plan actually helps you understand what you are reading by connecting parallel passages from the New and Old Testament together. In addition, the Old Testament and Gospels have been sorted into chronological order so that you can finally understand how everything fits together. If you have always wanted to read through the Bible and understand what you are reading then our plan is for you!

Videos, Maps, and Questions

If you want to truly understand the scriptures then you need to think about what it says. That is why we have study journal questions, videos, and maps integrated into our daily reading tools. As you read the Bible, our tools will help you understand the  Bible geography and how each book fits into the biblical story. The daily questions help you see parallels in the Old and New Testament and inspire you to think about how to apply the scriptures to your own life.

“Sometimes I read a passage that is familar and because of the questions I think about it from a completely different angle and because of that it enriches my view point on whatever I am reading. It picks up something that I never even noticed was there before.”

Mike Mighi

Pastor, Arcadia Valley Chapel

“So after feeling like giving up, I decided to instead Google ‘bible reading plan’, or ‘how to read your bible’, and came across your site, and your plan really resonated with me. I tried it online for a few days and then ordered some copies. I’ve since given the plans away to women in a prayer group I’m a part of, and to a friend who is very new to the bible. It has given me a new joy and enthusiasm for reading my bible, and now I can even pick up my bible when I have just a few minutes during the day, because I know where to go and am not reading randomly anymore.”

Lorraine Reimer

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m on day 48 of Bible Study Together. I’m loving it. I read the scripture and then write out the questions and answers like you suggested. I was surprised at first by how it jumped around, but it’s fun to see how all the various scriptures fit together.”

Mary Lou VanZee

Best Bible Study Group Tools

Around the world, people are returning back to the Bible to focus their time of fellowship in their Christian communities. Create Disciples believes in this movement and therefore we are providing the key tools for anyone to start a small group Bible study.  Using Bible Study Together you can get a group of people reading the same thing and regularly gather to share what each person is learning. We have videos online and a printable study journal with questions that works for both daily devotions and group discussion.  If you have always wanted to start a Bible Study Group or want your group to start reading the Bible together then Create Disciples is here for you to help!

Help Support this Work

Our ministry is unique in that we aren’t trying to put Bibles in people’s hands but to actually get people to read them. Bibles already exist in countless countries, but all too often people don’t read them because they are too intimidated or don’t know where to start. We go into churches, schools, group homes, and foreign countries to show people that they can both read and understand their Bible. Your support will go toward the work of inspiring people to read their Bible and the development of additional resources. We use cutting edge technology to produces videos, websites, printed materials, and apps to empower people to stay connected in God’s Word.

Bible Study Together is a ministry of Create Disciples Inc.

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